Temporary vs Full Term Health Plans

When undergoing a buying decision, you might be wondering why you would choose or look for short term plans against longer health insurance plans. Temporary health insurance is normally sought out by people looking for individual solutions – meaning they are not employed, or are not protected by their employer. The thought process is that these health plans will be short term to protect them while they look for work, which will hopefully have full benefits – meaning health insurance that they won’t have to pay for.

In these situations, temporary health insurance makes sense. However, when signing up for these short term plans, premiums can be higher because of the shorter expected period. Many health insurance plans will given you the ability to convert to a longer plan – as the future is often unclear, and whether or not your next employer will offer coverage is still unknown.

Full term health plans make sense for people that are self employed, or do not work for employers that offer them benefits. Because of a lack of coverage for the considerable future, they should invest in health insurance that is of a longer duration. But for many, short term makes a lot of sense – as it can protect you from what could be a very, very expensive surgery or health problem that could occur at any time during your “flex” period of employment that can occur for any reason.

Although health insurance might seem expensive to the consumer who hasn’t paid for it, it pales in comparison to hospital costs that accrue from shock surgeries or events in your life. Health insurance companies are there to help protect you in light of situations that can really “hurt” – such as severe, long term dents in your pocketbook and painful, long term debt.

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