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Students often think they don’t need health insurance – they’re young, healthy, and likely feeling invincible. The reality is quite the opposite – it is this thought process that leaves many students at a higher level of a risk than many, because the percentage of the student population without health plans is higher than more conservative, forward-thinking adults.

Adults might need little health needs more – like medicine, pain killers, and etc – because of their age and the deterioration that can cause, but the real point of health insurance to prevent catastrophy. Catastrophy means a large accident that would tear an ACL or break a bone – the kind of accidents that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs. Often, these come from “shock” events – which are most prominent in ways that students are active in, such as sports. Come down wrong on an ankle or fall off your skateboard the wrong way, and you’ll be well on your wall to a hundred thousand dollar hospital bill.

Since you’re on this page, it’s likely that you’re one of the smarter students out there. Short term health plans are available in many forms, and Short Term Health has solved those problems for you by putting all the top providers together on one website. We bring health care companies to you – by inserting your zip code, we match up the providers in your area with you, where you can there compare health plans appropriately. By filling out multiple quote forms, you can quote shop and get the best deal and plan that you’re looking for.

Although our site focus is “Short term health”, by no means are you restricted to short term plans through these companies. Once you’ve graduated, you have the option to retain your policy for as long as you would like – and we would recommend that you do just that, at least until you get your first job that provides you with health insurance. Few realize how much health insurance can cost them until it’s too late – and it’s that decision that can make a huge dent in their finances.

College is likely going to make a large dent on yours (hopefully not) – so make sure that insurance payment isn’t on top of a giant hospital bill. Input your zip code below, compare quotes and get started today!

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