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Health Insurance is something every person needs. The cost of a surgery or catastrophic event can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – sometimes even millions. Very few people can afford that, so it makes sense to think about health insurance to protect yourself from an injury that could put you in deep debt, or the deep hurt that comes from not being able to properly take care of a health issue.

With short term health insurance, you can get a health insurance plan that covers your needs for a smaller period of time. This makes a lot of sense for  people with special needs – such as starting a short term job that is a little riskier, or going on an adventurous long term vacation, or simply wanting a bit of financial security for a period that you would like to insure and be at ease about for the duration of that need state.

Temporary health insurance doesn’t mean worse health insurance – it just means for a shorter duration. The plans are just as amazing and cover a wide variety of need states, especially if you take advantage of our special platform to find the best plan for you.

All About Your Health Insurance Options

Health insurance from comes in two forms – Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and also Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) – Health Maintenance Organizations generally offer lower co-payment costs and preventative care, but also restrict the amount of providers you can select, and insist you select a primary care physician (PCP) when selecting your health plans. This primary doctor will cover all of your basic healthcare needs.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) – Preferred Provider Organizations give you more flexibility when selecting a provider. There are several doctors within the PPO network for you to select from. If you go outside of the PPO network, your health costs are higher, but stay within the network and costs stay at the annual deductible and copayment range for your visit.

When contacting health insurance companies, there are many questions you should be prepared to ask to make sure your health care is appropriately taken care of.

Some examples: Can you go to any pharmacy, hospital, clinic or doctor you want? What are the deductible costs of the plans? Are there co-payments? Is there a maximum amount I’ll have to pay out of my own pocket? Is the plan covering home care or nursing home care? Do the plans cover specialists such as dentists or eye doctors? Will the plans cover special situations such as psychiatry, a pregnancy or injury rehabilitation? All of these things should be considered – and of course, any other questions you might have.

The Advantage

Because of our platform, is the perfect place to go to find and compare temporary health insurance quotes. By comparing the rates of multiple health insurance agencies, you maximize your savings as a consumer without sacrificing the offerings the plans provide. We do the work for the consumer, contacting the best and highest rated health insurance companies to get you the best possible plans. By simply entering your zip code, companies relevant to your area will pop up – click through and begin filling in your information, and you can have a quote within minutes!

Through exhaustive research and analysis of consumer data, we’ve found that the best consumer results come from comparing multiple quotes. Through talking to multiple companies, bartering against them against each other and getting the lowest possible rate, its simple and easy to get the best possible rate. If you settle for the first choice, it is more likely you’ll be charged a higher amount, or not find the best plan for you. Assess your options, get the proper information and make a good choice – it has never been easier to get a great deal on short term health insurance! Input your zip code below and get started today!

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